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About Photo Sentience

Sentience (noun): the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively

The goal of my work as a photographer is to make you, the viewer, experience and feel the contents of a photo as if you were present in the moment that it was captured. We all know that the first impression is often the most important, not just for buyers of your listings, but for the sellers, too.

The sellers often remark that my photos made themselves want to buy their own home, they didn’t have any idea their home could look so good. That impression is not as important for me as it is for you, because to that seller, you are the one who had the expertise to hire someone capable of that quality - and they’ll make sure to mention that when referring you to their friends.

Nick Mclamb, Owner and Photographer

My Past

My photography interest came from an interest in making films and sharing art with my peers. When I obtained a professional camera, I learned that I really enjoyed taking photos. I started picking up gigs for a few family portraits, weddings, and fashion photography in college and was able to cut my teeth and really learn how to take great photos.

My Present

Over time I've noticed that photography is something I really enjoy, getting paid to do it is a nice bonus, too. In the few years that I've been taking photos, I've improved greatly and I'm still improving, I suspect that I will always be improving. My long term goal is to develop a great business, a business that my clients appreciate. I live in Garner, NC and choose to make this my home base for photography but I have vast experience with all types of homes in all areas in the Triangle.

My Personal

Born in 1990 and grew up being described as an old soul. Married to a woman I don't deserve. Passionate about the world we've been gifted. In the off time, you can find me outside when it's warm, usually barefoot and in need of a shower. My idea of fun is parkour, surfing, soccer, ultimate frisbee, wilderness exploration,  and hunting for wild foods.

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