Do Real Estate Photographers in Raleigh Get You More Listings?

I’ve always argued that the best reason to hire a real estate photographer is not to sell a house, but to get more listings.

Sellers are so impressed by the simple fact that their agent hired a professional to market their home, and they’re even more impressed when they see the photos! I get complements from sellers all the time, one of the most common is that the photos make them want to buy the home they’re trying to sell.

Complements don’t go as far for me as they do for agents that hired me. To the seller, the agent is the professional that produced the images and the seller recognizes that if they refer that agent to a friend, they’ll get photos just as great. This referral concept is almost proven for getting more listings because I’ve also been told many times that the sole reason an agent received a referral was because of the photographer.

Rising Above the Competition

Raleigh’s real estate market is becoming more and more competitive as agents join the industry and companies like Open Door acquire listings. Professional photography and excellent marketing is one of the few advantages an agent can have over their competitors. Use your photographer’s images from previous listings to advertise on social media. Photos receive great reception on social media and not only with viewers link them to you as a real estate agent, but they’ll recognize that their home will look as great as the photo you posted.


Nick Mclamb

Raleigh Real Estate Photographer and Owner of Photo Sentience


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