Raleigh Real Estate Photography and Under Pricing

The Raleigh real estate market is great for sellers; many homes only need a slight mention before being sold, but is that true for your next listing?


When listing a home, no detail is more important than the price. You can have some influence on how quickly a home may sell by adjusting the price based on your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). So if you want to under-price a home to sell it faster, how can this scenario be improved upon? Photography. But do you need photography if the listing is going to sell quickly anyway?


Often times, an important factor to consider is not when a house will sell but how many buyers and how competitive the environment will be. Imagine a listing that’s been under-priced by $10,000 in order to secure a quick sale. Despite being more competitively priced, and therefore showing up in more buyer’s searches, pictures can still make or break first impressions. A buyer that views a listing online with poor quality, dark, detail-lacking, crooked photos will be more likely to click away to the next listing, assuming that the quality of the home was not to their standard. There goes one potential showing, and one potential offer on the listing.

The same listing posted online with beautiful, well-lit, high quality, straight photos will be a much more attractive first impression. More buyers will not only click on the listing, but more buyers will be motivated to schedule a showing and potentially make an offer.

In both situations, the listing is likely to sell quickly, but in one situation you may only receive an offer at or below asking price, whereas good, professional photos may bring in buyer’s ‘highest and best’ offers. And we all want to be able to ask for everyone’s ‘highest and best,’ right?

Convincing the Buyer

Something to consider: Great photography not only nets more interested buyers, but the photos may literally sell the house before the physical showing. I’ve been told by previous clients that their buyers actually bought the home because of my photos. The buyers saw the home in it’s finest glory and said to themselves “I want that.” This first impression really comes in handy when buyers are making competitive offers. The more convinced and impressed a buyer is, the higher their ‘highest and best’ offer will be.

Is Raleigh Real Estate Photography Worth the Cost?

Real estate photography can be costly with some photographers often charging more than $200 for one listing. My photography service starts at $60, and as one of the best real estate photographers in Raleigh, I guarantee the quality are well worth the price. If you are interested in learning more about Photo Sentience, follow the links below.


Nick Mclamb

Raleigh Real Estate Photographer and Owner of Photo Sentience



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