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  • Hide cords and/or electronic devices not related to cooking

  • Declutter counters, only leave attractive and decorative kitchenware


  • Declutter refrigerators, no magnets or personal items

  • Remove pet food bowls, trash cans and soaps


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  • Display bed as clean and organized

  • Simplify the nightstands with only a lamp or book

  • Remove jewelry and personal photos


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  • Clean patio furniture

  • Remove grill cover (if grill looks good)

  • Declutter area (too many potted plants, decorations)

  • Hide lawn care supplies, water hoses

  • Remove cars from driveway

  • Remove security signs


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  • Remove ALL items from the shower, no soaps, rags or plushes

  • Hide non decorative soap dispensers

  • Remove all toiletries

  • Toilet seats down and plungers/brushes hidden

  • Hang decorative hand towel that matches color scheme

Living Room

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  • Hide TV remotes

  • Remove table clutter (coasters, tissues, chargers, etc)

  • Remove personal photos and books

Dining Room

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  • Center and align dining table

  • Center and align rug

  • Organize chairs

  • No chairs in the corner

In Every Room

  • Turn ON all lights and lamps

  • Turn OFF all ceiling fans

  • Open blinds so that the panels are horizontal with the ground, pull drapes to the side

  • Clean windows, vacuum floors, dust shelves, wipe counter tops

  • Hide cords as much as possible, remove unnecessary cords

  • Bonus: Remove screens from windows to let more light in

  • Bonus: Set TV display to a natural and attractive image if available such as an Apple TV screensaver

Items Generally Bad to Leave out

  • Cups, non decorative plates, silverware, etc.

  • Tissue boxes

  • Phone chargers, laptop chargers, etc.

  • Remotes, non decorative books, coasters/doilies, etc.

  • Pet materials, food/water bowls, beds, toys, etc.

  • Hair - cleanliness is key but keeping hair out of sight is paramount!

  • Unsightly trash cans

  • Pens, jewelry, small expensive items

  • Soap bottles, shower materials

  • Personal photos/family photos

  • Water hoses

  • GENERAL RULE OF THUMB - If it doesn't look like it would be in a model home, take it out

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